Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Call our Investor Relations Department at 1-800-996-3690. We’ll explain our simple 3-step process, discuss your financial goals and determine if you qualify to invest. Prefer to meet in person? We’re happy to schedule a meeting with you in our Phoenix office.

Direct Participation Programs offer:

  • Tax benefits: write off up to 85% of your investment in the first year
  • Monthly income: from your share of oil and gas production profits
  • Exit Strategies: short-term or long-term Exit Strategies available.
What’s Pipeline’s Track Record?
Pipeline and our operating partners have drilled 90+ wells in Gulf Coast oil fields since 2006, with an 80% success rate drilling for oil.
What’s Pipeline’s average rate of return?
Returns vary based on many factors. Please contact us we’re happy to share case studies from some our recent projects.
What is Pipeline’s strategy?
We focus on identifying and acquiring underperforming and undeveloped oil projects, use the latest technology to boost oil production, and then sell these projects at a profit to institutional investors or large oil companies.
Why invest with Pipeline?
Investors choose us for our experience, innovation, and proven track record:

  • Long-standing relationships in the oil and gas industry to help us secure best-in-class projects
  • A dedicated team of oil and gas professionals with a combined 75+ years of experience
  • The latest technologies to minimize risk, boost production, reduce costs, and maximize ROI
  • A proven track record with an 80 percent success rate for drilling proven but undeveloped wells
What is an accredited investor?
Our projects are open to “accredited investors.” This generally includes individuals with an annual income of at least $200,000 (or $300,000 with a spouse) – or a net worth of at least $1 million. Organizations such as corporations, trusts, and charitable organizations with more than $5 million in assets may also qualify. Call us at 1-800-996-3690 to learn more.
Is there a difference between investing with Pipeline and buying stock in a publicly traded company like Exxon or BP?
Yes. When you buy stock in a public company, your participation is indirect. There’s no monthly income from specific projects, nor immediate tax benefits. With our Direct Participation Programs, you invest directly in oil production. That provides monthly income, potential profits from the sale of the project, and significant tax write-offs.
How quickly do I see a return on my investment?
In the first year you get significant tax deductions and monthly income from your share of production profits. You’ll also receive a lump sum cash payout when the project is resold. Timelines vary, but some projects are sold in as little as 12 to 24 months.
What are the tax benefits?
The U.S. government wants to encourage developing oil and gas resources, so there are significant tax incentives for investors. Up to 85% of your investment may be written off in the first year, although restrictions may apply.
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Once I invest, how do I stay informed?
We send email newsletters, mail detailed reports to our investors, and post updates here on our website. For personal one-on-one investment advice, simply call us or arrange an in-person meeting.
What are “multiple pay zones”?
Many wells have multiple producing pay zones at different depths. If we don’t strike oil at one depth, we can often re-enter the same well at other depths and hit additional oil reserves.
What factors are driving the US oil boom?
A few key factors:

  • Global oil consumption at all-time highs, 90 million barrels per day
  • Oil prices expected to rebound and long term outlook for higher prices is very positive.
  • New technology that has enabled oil & gas companies to double production in the Gulf Coast.
  • Lower costs with Pipeline producing oil for only $30 to $35 per barrel.
Who’s behind Pipeline’s success?
  • Brandon E. Cox – CEO & Founder
  • Geoffrey T. Chalmers, Esq – Legal Council